I’m Emma. An exiled Scouser in the North East, works in mental health by day, writes a bit the rest of the time. I write about comedy for The Skinny magazine quite often, and my short fiction has been read at the Liar’s League live storytelling event in London. I’m currently working on a few plays-one of which was longlisted for the Papatango Prize in 2016. A few of my random short stories are up on here and I’m hoping to get bits of the plays on somehow. Bizarrely, I’ve had a paper in the Lancet Psychiatry (really quite proud of that one). I’m also a member of the Writer’s Club, part of Director’s Cut Theatre Company at Southwark Playhouse. Always looking for stuff to write or interesting people to do it with so get in touch if that’s your thing.
I can be found at emmaobr@googlemail.com if you want to talk about writing/making stuff, on Twitter arguing with cranks if you want to join in, and at http://ko-fi.com/scousepie if you want to chuck me a tip for entertaining you.
I sometimes do this I-ching thing where I ask the universe a question, hit shuffle on Pulp’s back catalogue and take an answer from the lyric. Just thought I’d share.